April 27, 2010

cats story

Salam n bismillah..

This is the story about 2 cats...

2 cats decide to marry....

They have sweet marriage live

 they got the first baby

 and the second

first step for their babies

 they play together

 eat together

 sleep together 

and poop together...

father worked hard for his family needs

but the mum gets to play and has a boyfriend

days goes by and the children grow up without care and became bad boys

one of them became terrorist

the other stay in night clubs 

one day they fought

the small one decided to kill himself 

 when dad heard that ,he got heart attack

and mum lost her mind and became crazy

Just for fun...


temp. housewife said...

hihihi this has brighten up my day! thanks.

unlisted_one said...

hisyk,..horror tuh..hehe. funny but horror.

sirna said...

kak nur, takda keje..hehe

nia, yes true!horror kan?


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