April 17, 2010

2 years of journey

Salam n bismillah..

Dah lama saya nak buat entry tentang anak bujang saya sorang ni...a cute boy MIKAEL
Actually, dah lebih sebulan birthday dia yang ke-2 berlalu and this time no birthday celebration for him sebab saya delivered his adik 2 days before his birthday. He was born on 12 March 2008 and his lil' brother on 10 March 2010..What a nice date. Actually, i didn't plan at all. Nampak gaya birthdayfor my two boys will be celebrate together every year after this. Eventhough mikael was  a first baby, mengandungkannya memang takda problem langsung. Cuma saya terjatuh dalam toilet when he was 6 months gestation. That time, memang susah hati sgt, hubby terus angkat saya and immediately brought to hospital. Syukurlah Allah sayangkan Mikael. He was safe and i was warded for one day for observation. Masa nak lahirkan dia pun tak susah, contraction sekejap saja, and i didn't required neither pain killer nor drip.  I've  fully breastfeed him for only 4 months but after that saya terpaksa tanpa rela campurkan dgn FM(Why?i will write in other entry my breastfeeding story). But, syukur, dia membesar dgn sihat dan kuat...Here, i upload his 2 years of journey...

the day he was born----12 March 2008

Day 3 of life--little bit jaundice this time

Day 6 of life---jaundice faded off

2 weeks of life---suka benor kerut kening

Mikael one month old

With his beloved baba @2 months old---first vacation to Cameron Highland

Again in Cameron

4 months old

6 months old---first driving skill

First Eid @ 6 months old

i like this picture...also @ 6months old(ber"lenggeng" after sweating wearing baju melayu)

Has 8 tooth this time, at 10 months old

So happy approached by Aquaria mascot, 3 days before his birthday

1 years old!

First time he got his "kaki"...walking non stop!

2nd time Eid...18 months

 "jangok" boy @ 21 months

And now...2 years old with his lil' bro


temp. housewife said...

Mikael is a cute boy. takpe tak sempat celebrate bday. ada beli hadiah apa2 tak utk dia?

sirna said...

babanya belikan dia pyjama baru je k nur

unlisted_one said...

Mikael? actually itu la nama yg i pilih kalau anak i boy. tapi dia girl, letak madihah..hehe

sirna said...

nia, yeke? takpe,nanti ada rezeki dapat adik madihah u letak la nama mikael=)


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