I am an ordinary person who sometimes like an extraordinary things. A doctor in government sector, despite a hectic life, i do love blogging. It can reduce my stress!

I decided to create this blog to dedicate my thoughts and ramblings about myself, children ,breastfeeding, family,food, recipes, travels, current issues and anythings in my mind.Live is too short and meaningful and i want to make every single memory something most memorable inside this journey blog.

I am a wife to a great and loving husband who is a teacher, discipline teacher to be exact!Hihi... We are blessed with 3 lil' caliphs Mikael, Muaz and Mifzal...I love to make friends,not an enemies.My obsession is cooking and baking. But sometimes i do lazy, wink wink! A hardcore supporter of breastfeeding, not yet a lactation counselor but aim to be part of it.

If you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Walk beside me and be my friend...


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