January 25, 2011

Adik miss his mom's boob

Salam dan bismillah...

I was oncall on Sunday, my first call ever in this place near Tawakal Hospital. Bukan tempat kerja baru, i just attach here for 4months then back to my hospital. It was a cool call..really cool...I like! Finish rounds at 11 sumthing, then chill...no patient collapse. Then , masa i balik semalam my maid story kat i about adik Muaz.

Adik Muaz miss his mom's boob...He was cradling around my maid chest and attempt to open up her blouse.
Then, masa my maid senyum2 dan cakap kat dia ha, adik nak buat apa tu...terus dia tak jadi and then tersenyum malu2..hahaha..i was like, what, adik miss the boob?hehehe..

So, apalagi, i balik semalam he was asleep then after i siap mandi,he already woke up then tak sabar2 untuk melekap!!So cute my baby, and i'm so happy able to fully breastfeed him until now...he is nearly 11 months old now, so cute, adore, and healthy. Makan pun boleh tahan. Breastfeeding time is an intimate moment for both of us. Sometimes, Mikael do jealous but he is a big boy now and will always behave in his own world...

Seronoknya jadi mama...dan lebih seronok if ur child really connected to you in a way that he get exclusive breastmilk from u...."mode sedih"... tetiba plak i teringat my memory masa kena demam denggi tempohari. It was an unforgettable memory, nasib baik i got a  quite a lot number of frozen EBM stock..My BM depleted due to stress, illness and separation with my baby..I was warded for five days, and those 5 days were challenging for me,i cried coz i couldn't pump, i'm so weak and ill... syukur despite that 5 days my hubby tak beli FM for adik sebab stock cukup, lega sangat sebab dah kumpul EBM before this. Alhamdulillah i sembuh dengan izinNya...dan susu pun agak merajuk nak keluar after i was discharged. I betul2 recover after one week i discharge..

                                             My little heroes, adik baby and abang baby

Salam sayang,


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